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The Sensuality of Chocolate

On Valentine’s Day the world seems to be painted in black in white with touches of red elegantly stroked among a collage of enchantment, infatuation, and seduction.  Men roam in search of the perfect gift that says: “I love you” or “I lust you”, whatever it may be, and women await the coveted box.  Ladies, you know what box I am speaking of.  If he gets it right, this gift will make you feel sexy, sensual, and satisfied.  It is just the pleasure you need before saying “yes” to more. One taste of this magical aphrodisiac and the guilt from this reckless pleasure subsides.  Shall I say its name?  I better not–it may cause an unwanted eruption for many of you.

So let’s get down to business on the topic of hinting the right choice of choc–( “oops! I almost slipped!”) to your man.  I only go for the platinum of this breed, a purebred of dark that exudes a smooth, luscious, velvety sensation on the palate– I am speaking of Jaques Torres.  Yes, the home of this creation is in NYC, but you can order any object of your affection online and it can be delivered right to your sweetie’s doorstep.  Unfortunately, not visiting this house of cacao results in the atrocity of never experiencing Mr. Torres’s “wicked” hot chocolate (yep I said the C word—deep breaths!).  It is difficult to describe the scandalous ecstasy one feels when sipping this devilish drink.  Spices seduce the pure dark powder as they embrace in a dance of allurement, persuasion, and temptation.  The warm liquefied chocolate slides down your throat pulsating tingles throughout your body gyrating a sensational release of all tension.  When you have finished with your experience you feel contented, relaxed, and ready for more.

So much of my life revolves around this magical bean and I must suggest sticking to organic, fair trade -it is responsible hedonism and promises the finest of ingredients.  And ladies– if you don’t have a man, take some time for YOU and the PEOPLE that make your life sparkle–oh and don’t forget the chocolate!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all; I hope you revel in this day of love as it should be celebrated, appreciated, and filled with life’s simple pleasures.


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