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Anguilla: The Most Romantic Place on Earth

Tucked away in the middle of the tranquil Caribbean Sea, a magical island lives and breathes a dynamic culture amidst a Garden of Eden of white sandy beaches and scintillating azure waters.  As one sways with the ebb and flow of the gentle currents, you become a witness to nature’s perfect functions when left untouched.  A sister of the Leeward island chain, Anguilla is truly one of the most romantic places on earth.

I fell smitten with Anguilla on my honeymoon five long years ago.  It really does take hold of one’s sense of reality as you immediately let go of who you were before boarding the plane as a hostage of modern society.  In Anguilla, they have a small “town” that consists of a general store, a gas station, and place to buy hardware items.  The people are gracious and cordial and will happily tell you enchanted stories of their county’s history and family sagas as you watch goats and chickens scurry across unpaved roads.  The innocence of this island is unparalleled and its beauty unimaginable.  Cruise ships are forbidden to dock in Anguilla, promising the quiet whispers of  nature to be heard from any corner.  There are few hotels on the island and the ones that have made their home here are of the top luxury resorts in the world.

As I ponder the hype and obsession with Valentine’s Day I cannot ignore the visualizations dancing in my head of Pimms, the whimsical restaurant my husband and I visited on the fourth night of our honeymoon.  It was a memorizing night, that which held the moon high and the stars low, giving you the sense that you could pick one from the sky, gently blow on its radiating body and send your wish back to the heavens.  This restaurant was unlike any I have ever visited as it sat on the sea leaving only a few inches between you and the serene waves.  Enclosed by a powder-white crescent shaped beach, the lagoon calmed the open ocean’s rocky currents to passive ripples.  Soft lighting illuminated the clear water exposing a mystical world of sea life beneath. Sting ray, gar, sharks, and schools of tiny fish wondered by offering a glimpse of their enigmatic lives.  It was impossible not to feel like you were part of the workings of something greater; as if the universe, galaxy, and all its parts had come together on this very night to show off its brilliance and majesty.

Pimms is Cap Jaluca’s award winning restaurant and holds its weight in ambiance and outstanding cuisine amongst the finest in the Caribbean.  As someone who holds nature as the earth’s most divine gift, I could not have asked for a more celestial experience.  This blog is my thank you to the places that respect the delicate, primitive aura of nature and honor it through simplicity.


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