The Road To New York City

Over the past several months, I have traveled quite a bit. The journeys often differ in time and in scenery, based on the mode of transportation I choose, but the destination always remains the same. I’ve traveled through snowstorms, rainstorms, and hailstorms– sometimes in the darkness of night, other times, when the sun hangs high in the sky.

By car, the road to my destination is often choked with other vehicles, arguing and pushing their way through wide lanes dotted with shallow potholes. The view–a littered edge of a vast highway flanked with bony trees and the occasional sight of a distant rest stop can become dreadfully monotonous.

By train, the busy towns beyond the tracks whiz by in a blur like the bold, smudged strokes of an abstract painting. The ride is smoother, and I am able to read a book, type the small keys of my Blackberry and daydream about the world afar. Sometimes I can even drape my legs on the seat opposite mine and catch-up on some zzz’s.

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