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Have You Eaten Yet?

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Any society where people greet one another by asking “Have you eaten yet?” is my kind of place. It’s a simple question that says quite a bit about a culture and its savory way of life. Food is just one of those magical things that bind people in the plainest and most complex of ways—an unspoken connection of sensory overload that speaks volumes in an otherwise non-connected situation.

Travel and food have always been the links to many of the people I have met and befriended—whether it was feasting on casado with strangers at a local soda (small restaurant) in Costa Rica, or snacking on biltong under the dim light of a boma in South Africa, food kindled conversation and sparked the beginnings of transcontinental friendships.

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A “How To” On Surviving Long Flights

The problem with flying is that nothing about it seems, well, logical. The prospect of stuffing oneself into a combustible, steel contraption that launches into a groundless abyss can be quite daunting and almost absurd. But yet we do it, some of us once a year, others, every six months or so, and then there are those who can tell you what’s on the menu — or more appropriately the “snack list” if you’re flying a U.S. airline — because “16F” has become their second residence.

If you are reading this fascinating post you are most likely a traveler, or at the very least someone who aspires to travel. Unfortunately, in many cases, there is no escaping a rendezvous with the big, bad flying machine if the urge to explore far beyond the confines of the neighborhood park exists, so we might as well just embrace the turbulence, crappy food, floating snot molecules,  busted TV screens and “reclining” seats, and try to make the flight as pleasant as possible.

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